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Causal or casual art?

The difference seems minimal… however the letter “U” changes everything.

Random art is a “gut” art, subconscious, set in motion by mental associations.

Nothing bad, certainly, but it takes some practice to go from a casual expression to a CAUSAL one.

Operating in CAUSAL mode means being in contact with the super-conscious, with our CAUSAL body.

Communication and communion with the super-conscious creates, in fact, works freed from infantile, social, environmental conditioning…

Being free is the true work of an artist. Being able to draw outside the lines… mental and emotional.

“Freedom is the possibility of being and not the obligation to be.” (René Magritte)

Most of our childhood life is “educated” and therefore “bounded” and informed.

We are subjected to all sorts of conditioning and no longer know how to simply be ourselves.

To return to existential simplicity or purity we need to do a careful reset; in art this means taking years before being able to create a “virgin” work.

We are often too afraid and held back by internal and external expectations… and failure is certainly not a welcome ally, not even in its aim of teaching us something.

“Man believes he wants freedom. In reality he is very afraid of it. Why? Because freedom forces him to make decisions, and decisions involve risks.” (Erich Fromm)

The film “The legend of the ocean pianist” – (English: The legend of 1900) is very eloquent in this regard in the scene of the “ladder” explained in the final monologue… definitely useful in understanding how fears can paralyze and lead to creative block.

Those who operate from the super-conscious state of consciousness are beyond conditioning.

The inner voice is the Guide.

Artistic expression is caused by the I Am, that state of being that is not circumscribed in any definition of self.

The work is therefore harmless, if not even beneficial for those who look at it and for the environment in which it is placed.

It would be wonderful if Fernando Pessoa’s enlightening advice could reach all souls:

– “Sit in the sun.
Abdicate and be your own king.”

Instead this work of spoliation requires life, a lot of life. Probably just one isn’t enough. I believe that the future of art will be of two types, without so many shades of gray anymore: art for those who want to enliven themselves and art for those who want to feed on pathos. A duality taken to extremes. From these extremes that meet… the synthesis: art for a new world.


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