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I AM (an artist of the) SPIRIT

Artist statements and exhibitions

“Phases. One stage after another until I reach realization-Action: my real, authentic action, independent of having to appear or demonstrate and any other centralizing “-ism” or philosophy. Simply being, without filters or frills. Being, even artist.”

Firma MYA bianca su trasparente

THE ART OF THE SPIRIT is the goal I have achieved and still feel I am pursuing.

Not necessarily immaterial or conceptual art, but creativity aligned in my entire being: physical-etheric, emotional or astral, mental, causal or soul-related, spiritual.

The Integral Alignment of the earthly and celestial vehicles has brought voluntary connection and coherence with the superconscious over the years.

From this cohesion flows righteousness, well-being, integrity, and even focus, which becomes as easy as opening oneself up to intuitive grace; no longer a sporadic state, but a modus operandi, stemming from knowing how to predispose oneself at every existential level, avoiding the filter of personality.

The initial research has become, over time and with practice, a téchne that includes different means of expression: painting, light art, digital art, video art, and performance—none in the foreground.

Before approaching the artistic expression of SPIRIT, I went through four personal and creative phases over several years, described in my diary and manifesto without circumferences, “Acentrism”, published by BellatiEditor in 2007.

Acentrism is not the absence of a central core, as one might prima facie believe. It is the voluntary renunciation of ‘centralising isms’ the progressive resetting of pre-constituted circumferences: false selves, deceptive forms, repetitive patterns, and conditioning.

In practice, I scraped the paintings back to the blank canvas and burnt drawings and thoughts until I felt the fragrance and noise of emptiness.

I chased vertical alleys and crossed circu(mstance)s before glimpsing the light.

The Light became a progressive presence and an all-pervasive atmosphere that I learnt to recognise and glimpse between the folds/creases of matter. The Immaterial became perceptible over time, and thanks to the analysis of Yves Klein’s Manifesto, I attended the Rosicrucian Studies Group for several years, as Klein himself was a student at Oceanside in California.

In the ebook Out of the Blue: Yves Klein’s immaterial meets acentrism, which can be downloaded for free from my website, I trace the Rosicrucian interpretation of his Manifesto, also narrated in part by critic Thomas McEvilley in his book Yves the Provocateur. Yves Klein and Twentieth-Century Art.

In the years since, the ebook has grown, becoming a public document of my artistic-spiritual quest, from Acentrism to the Immaterial, inspired by Yves Klein, to the ART OF THE SPIRIT.

Yes, it is written in all caps because some mindsets still get inhibited by the word Spirit alone; however, theological references, philosophies, and esotericisms

are irrelevant.

THE SPIRIT in us is super partes substance, beyond duality, universal, but also extra-ordinary, outside the usual (short)circuit of personality: mask or interface, whatever.

To operate – to do works – of and with the SPIRIT means to create at every level of one’s existence.

Acquiring the personality, making it receptive and osmotic to that of a subtler order, establishes communion and communication with the SPIRIT. Primarily, one consolidates the essential relationship and guidance. Over time, one lives as one: integrated.

THE ART OF SPIRIT is an expression of this state of consciousness.

Want to get to know me better?
Read the articles on my blog.

Want to get to know me better?
Read the articles on my blog.

Main exhibitions


• Coordination of the Land Art project “Itinerari vitART Parcours nel Malcantone, Svizzera” for the non-profit cultural association Aranno LandArt

• Performance and videoart B.L.U _ Be Like U, 4/29/2023 at Nellimya Arthouse Aranno

2021 – 2022

• Coordination of the Land Art project “Itinerari vitART Parcours nel Malcantone, Svizzera” for the non-profit cultural association Aranno LandArt

• International artist and design book festival, OGGETTO LIBRO at ADI Design Museum Milan, Sept. 14-26, 2021 + Braidese Library in Milan from

• Solo exhibition: CIELI VERTICALI, Art Week Festival Lugano from 25.9 to 31.12.2002


• Performance on OBJECTIVE ART: “Tra le parvenze fallaci, come una folgore, sensibile è la chiara luce” according to Gurdjieff, Feb. 9-16 at Elisarion Cultural Center and Museum.

• Artist in Residence. SONNO, SOGNI ed EEG, progetto edited by Per Huttner and Emilio Fantin c/o Bologna, experimentation, 11.12 – 13.12.2020

• Opening Landart vitART Parcours project curated by Mya Lurgo


• Artist in Residence at the Cafausica House of the Lac o Le Mon Foundation, Puglia, Italy, curated by Emilio Fantin

2017 – 2018

• Traveling project 1st CLASS ARTERY – Wunderkammer. Inauguration at Kurhaus Cademario


• Verdi OFF Festival, LETTER TO CLARA MAFFEI, Parma

• ACCATELIER, L’artista con lo studio intorno, Torino

Con_Vivere CarraraFestival sull’interculturalità, Essere donna senza frontiere. Project: PauraAutocensura

List í Ljósi Festival, edited by Celia Harrison and Sesselja Jónasardóttir, Seydisfjordur, Iceland. Project: CosmoMania


• otherFRAME, Video Art Festival edited by Luigi Boccadamo and Dario Cogliati

2013 – 2014

• LIGHTNESS, itinerant project at Paola Ubiali’s Marelia Gallery, Bergamo

• Bipersonal LIGHTING_Days with Ela Franscella in art Elfa in the Sacral at Nellimya Lightart Exhibition, Lugano

• ENLIGHTENING AREA | Fuochi Fatui is an installation site specific to the Urban Art project curated by the Lugano Youth and Events Department at Tassino Park in Switzerland


Creative Cities Collection Fine Arts Exhibition, c/o Barbican Center, London

• Ferrara Art Biennial: NEW CODE, Ferrara

• Lugano Longlake Festival, event with Matteo Emery, IN STATU NASCENDI, Lugano

Collective exhibition LUCI SULLE MURA curated by Vincenzo Biavati, StileItalico Cultural Association, Department of Culture of Ferrara at Porta degli Angeli


• Bipersonal with Federica Gonnelli, ACUTO|GRAVE. Mettere in armonia il discorde curated by Martina Cavallarin, at Nellimya Lightart Exhibition, Lugano

• Swiss Israel Day in Ticino, CHALLENGES AND HOPES, bipersonal, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano


• Personal, LUCE E OLTRE, edited by Cristina Trivellin, at Nellimya Lightart Exhibition


• Group exhibition IL CREDENTE E IL MUTANTE – homage to Yves Klein, curated by Cristina Trivellin, at Nellimya Lightart Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition PINOCCHIO E IL PECCATO ORIGINALE, curated by Cristina Trivellin, at Nellimya Lightart Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition LENTISSIMA-MENTE FINO ALLO ZERO, curated by Anna Caterina Bellati, at Nellimya Lightart Exhibition, Lugano


• Open XI, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice

• Group exhibition A.N.G.E.L.I E TRACCE D’INFINTO curated by Cristina Trivellin, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition SOGNANDO LA REALTÀ curated by Dalmazio Ambrosioni, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition INCISIONI E VIBRAZIONI curated by Igor Zanti, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition E®GO IPERBOLICO curated by Luciano Ghersi, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition À TRAVERS L’IMMATERIEL – omaggio a Yves Kleincurated by Anna Caterina Bellati, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition CORPI. INVOLUCRI DI CARNE, LUCE E PENSIEROcurated by Anna Caterina Bellati, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano


• Opening and management of the exhibition and cultural space Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Shangai ArtFair

• 52. Venice Art Biennale, participation in the project Room 312 PRO-Memory for Pierre (Restany), curated by Ruggero Maggi

• Personale, COME UN BATTITO D’ALI curated by Anna Caterina Bellati, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano

• Group exhibition, Museo della Carale di Ivrea, IL LEGAME MISCONOSCIUTO SUL RAPPORTO UOMO-ANIMALE curated by Adriano Accattino

• Group exhibition: Arthur-O Must, Grand Hotel Minerva, Firenze, Itinerant project, ART DOPING SINE DIE Installation site specific

• Group exhibition Arena Po, Borgo d’arte e natura, Videoart Project curated by di Milan Art Center, Ruggero Maggi

• Group exhibition THE DREAM…STATI DI INCOSCIENZA curated by Dores Sacquegna, at First Floor LivingGallery, Lecce

• Group exhibition Frames, curated by Alessandro Sgarito, c/o Galleria ZeroUno, Barletta

• Group exhibition, VASI COMUNICANTI, curated by Caterina Bellati, at Nellimya LightArt Exhibition, Lugano


• Group exhibition, TRAVESTIMENTI Palace of the Park, Bordighera

• Ivrea Carale Museum, L’IMPROVVISAZIONE IN PITTURA curated by Adriano Accattino


• BIENNALE DEL DISARMO A MILANO curated by Artecultura, Olimpia Hall

• MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS, Digitalart Project, 2500 NW 79th Avenue, Suite #104, Doral, Florida

• KunStart 06, Bolzano, Fair

2003 – 2004

• ARTVILLE Project, Lugano | Atelier open daily to the public. Performance, Action Painting Live, Improvisation (12 months)


• Solo exhibition at Union of Swiss Banks, Lugano

• Solo exhibition at Swiss Diamond Hotel

• 3rd Filippo Salesi International Biennial Painting Competition, City of Sanremo Prize, Villa Ormond

• Solo exhibition at La Telaccia d’oro Gallery, Turin


• Solo exhibition, SAVE THE PLANET,  Kursaal, Lugano


• Solo exhibition at Bilderhus, Dietlikon/Zurigo from 28.5 to 25.6

• Bipersonal with Mario Peana at La Fenice Gallery, from 24.2 to 16.3

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