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The Vase

Research IV introduced the post-mortem theme with the acronym M.O.R.I.R.E. (To die). The play on words in the Italian language means:

Moving Across Borders Requires Infinite Aesthetic Responsibility.

In the VI Research, I went in-depth, to the point of focusing on a seminar.

We know little about the beyond, and everything is confounded, but within us, there is a place-non-place called I Am (the esoteric name for Christ), where peace, light, and abundance reign.

The true Law of Attraction is being in synergy and unity with this inner space or existential mode.

The Seminar on 15 May will be powerful.

Experience a true inner CLICK, a profound shift, as you realize that the beyond depends on the here and now. Living intensely, breathing fully, leads to the Breath of Life that is within you.

In the artistic practice of ‘The Vase‘ – ART OF THE SPIRIT – we will do a very cathartic work on ashes, but not because ‘ashes we are and ashes we will return’, but because MONADE WE ARE AND MONADE WE WILL RETURN



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