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PAINTING, Acentric Phase I, since 1995

Painting is an ancient passion! Grattage is used in Acentric Phase I or A-centr-ism: absence of limiting centralising -isms.


“… Space too, like eternity, has no limits; the infinite has neither beginning nor end,

the circle whose centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere’  OM Aïvanhov.


Grattage was the practical, initial technique for my art therapy, through which I scraped and neutralised emotional contents until I returned to the virgin canvas. I chose grattage as the expressive medium to represent the underlying existential discriminant: neither this nor that, as our knowledge is, in fact, acquired and limited knowledge.

This psycho-physical work allowed for the birth of an inner and outer order, within which clarity was later expressed through light art or light art. In the following years, painting took on expressive connotations devoid of ill-being. The surviving works of the first acentric phase were not burnt or purified with fire. Exposing or selling pain was never in this artist’s logic.


Further reading on “painting” is available on my ebook.


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