Translations by Deepl.PRO and Grammarly


Drawing is a meditative practice. One sets up the environment, the tools, the light, and the body so that tension does not pour into the stretch.

The mind aligns here and now without stumbling into dynamics already experienced or climbing into probable future scenarios. 

There is only sometimes a purpose in drawing. Indeed, a Flow, a current, can lead into fields of euphoria or still waters, from which freedom of expression flows: a gushing joy and playfulness in creating shapes, lines, and colours. Nothing more.

At other times, a more intimate dialogue is established, and then a Series is born: drawings related to each other, like a family.

The drawings tell an ancient yet topical story aimed at arousing insights in each of us. Some works are already visible, and others are work in progress. After all, one must give oneself time. They are strong symbols and must be savoured gradually.

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