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Net works on you!

NETWORK projects are intangible but no less tangible and shareable.


#ThankUturn, born in 2015, has been a Facebook outreach effort of the simple word THANK YOU with a boomerang effect for years.

The aim is to bring gratitude and recognition to small daily gestures of generosity, altruism, courtesy, and beauty…all spontaneous, anonymous, and sometimes even poetic actions, but increasingly necessary for the common good.

Dynamics that deserve to be admired, valued and amplified to become the norm. Participating is simple: when you ‘scroll’ through Facebook posts and notice a quality gesture, share it with the hashtag #ThankUturn. The idea is to create an exhibition and a catalogue with this multi-handed project.


#imagoRevolution aims to neutralise the collective pathos inevitably aroused in each of us by all those crude images made public by multiple media channels: TV, social media and the internet.


We all know that the impact of an image is worth more than 1,000 words, and it is in this emotional overdose that we recognise that we are bombarded and addicted to depictions that are rarely uplifting or joyful. A horror vacui of violent configurations, arousing negative imaginations globally, allowing a viral cocktail of fear, resentment, frustration, helplessness, guilt and resignation to spread with the simplicity of a click.

#imagoRevolution proposes a real revolution: returning to the beautiful, the good and the just instead of mute resignation or meditated revenge because the instrument of good can only do good for all involved.

The Call is open – nobody gives up here! – to visionary and responsible artists: capable of responding conscientiously, transforming not the facts that have happened, of course, but rather the energy of certain events, by the statement: “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.”


For years, I have dedicated part of my projects to immaterial initiatives – the creation of thought forms and egregores – such as #ThankUturn and #imagoRevolution; this cycle concludes with the motivational group LALA LAND 🎼 created to give dimension to the song of the soul: those ‘few essential things’, into which we pour ourselves for pure pleasure. Not a one-off but a daily ritual aimed at nourishing the being that we are.

Every day, we have little time to be integrated and grateful for what we do, and often, taking time for ourselves makes us feel guilty.

We are addicted to the laboriousness of making ‘our daily bread’… losing sight of the difference between being content and content.

LALA LAND 🎼 is a support group to encourage sharing happy thoughts and expressions of a whole life.


The LALA LAND Group 🎼 was created to give dimension to the song of the soul: those ‘few essential things’ into which we pour ourselves for pure pleasure.

🎶 Indulging this inner drive enhances talent, passion, predispositions, free spirit and raison d’être, whatever that may be because in the human family, we are interconnected Peculiar Units, and our being real is for the benefit of all.

🎶 Where is the joy? Where you are, without effort, compromise, pretence, applause, heroism or publicity. Every 24 hours, we have opportunities, time slots or well-premeditated spaces to realise ourselves = to be genuine, authentic and sometimes even original in doing something that pleases, gives well-being and satisfaction.

🎶 The resounding motto ‘business before pleasure’ has boycotted the purity of the expressive gesture with impunity, branding it as selfishness and superficiality.
#save_the_white_space, the LaLaLand, to give reality to who you are when you allow yourself to be.
Dedicate yourself every day to that #Just_3_Things, and the puzzle will put itself together, showing you the uniqueness of your being in the world

🎶 The LALA LAND group 🎼 was founded to support those who want to get involved. The white square LaLaLand is intuitive, saving and protected by the 4 Ls: life, love, light, and laughter. Here, there is comfort and support, as attempts to be accurate are often punished by society with criticism, mockery, or the demand for seriousness and feet on the ground.






😇 Did you make soul today? 😇

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