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MYA Life: An artist’s life. Anecdotes

Sketch created during the online course “Astral Travel Temi Sync”

In my path there is no academy; will it be good or will it be bad?

My family history led me to suffer and make other choices, but with hindsight, everything makes sense or rather: destination.

However, this has never stopped me from learning, practicing, researching or training in the disciplines necessary for the evolution of my consciousness, as well as creativity.

As a child I painted on the front step of my mother’s shop, a reader and collector, passions that I still share, even though she is no longer physically with me.

A dad instead, who used to draw trains. I have few memories of him, many stories, due to his passing, when I attended primary school in Villa Palmizi, in Bordighera, Liguria.

Painting has always represented a return home, to calm the rapids of thoughts.

Until I was 19 I lived in Bordighera (Liguria, Italy), between two ateliers or rather, two inspirational tracks: Atelier Pinto, of which I still have a Confirmation portrait of myself, and the Atelier Rodolphe Banet. The latter left a deep mark inside me linked to a singular memory.

Given that I used to spend hours and hours painting and drawing on the step of my mother’s shop in Corso Italia, one evening, this shy and solitary painter, surprisingly decided to enter my mother’s shop with the serious intent of communicating to her the importance of cultivating my passion for art. She, who certainly would never have wanted me to be a starving painter, replied: – “It’s just a hobby.” I, fearing that some discussion would arise between the two, considering the seriousness of the character and the tense approach of those few minutes, quickly sketched a drawing, decidedly badly done and with disproportionate and decadent elements, saying to Banet: – “I can not draw”. This sentence, in my opinion, should have somehow reassured my mother about my future… and closed the discussion between the two. I was more or less 7 years old. He replied to me: “It also takes talent to demonstrate with a drawing, in less than a minute, that you don’t know how to draw. Good evening”… and went out. Writing these lines, I realize that in the last thirty years, I have often been asked, in different circumstances, if I knew how to draw. Yes, I know how to draw and this is my definitive answer. Above all, “scoring” has become of great interest to me. To impress, to impress the work with content, so that the user can receive the energy/SPIRIT. Not a mere virtuosity of technique, but rather a tension (vertical, I would say) to infuse substance. I sold the first drawing for 5,000 Lire to Raymond Peynet, a French illustrator, since he used to attend the International Humor Exhibition, although the office of the event was located in Corso Italia in the bookshop of the organizer Cesare Perfetto, in the immediate vicinity of my mother’s shop. In practice, I sold him a drawing of the Lovers, copied from his own drawing. At the time it didn’t seem so terrible to me… with hindsight, I understand the embarrassment I must have caused in my mother. He laughed instead. Very :-))) I left Bordighera to continue my studies in Germany in Cologne around the age of 19. Subsequently, I moved to Switzerland, to the Canton of Ticino, where I live and have my creative studio.

There has never been a shortage of returns to Bordighera, indeed, returning is always like pausing, to gather ideas and fill up on the light, because here the light is truly special… Claude Monet passed through Bordighera for the first time in December 1883, with his friend Renoir, partly tourists and partly artists, and was struck by the fleeting vision of a nature and a light that was completely new to his mist-friendly eyes. , of the Atlantic rocks and seas, of the bare landscapes, of the water, of the snow, rivers, bridges, fields and stations… and of the city frenzy of the belle époque. Bordighera, as an experimental laboratory of the leader of Impressionism, who in that December sensed the unique, extraordinary, powerful character of that inextricable tangle of palms, olive trees, citrus fruits, almond trees, mimosas, agaves and prickly pears, revealed by a light never seen before.(


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