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In 30 years of artistic life, I have experienced 3 creative periods:

The 4 Phases of Acentrism, the years Out of the Blue dedicated to studying Yves Klein’s Manifesto, and the current stage, ART OF THE SPIRIT.

The artistic-spiritual research outlined through years of self-study, experimentation, inner listening and comparisons marks the periods experienced, the techniques acquired, and the visions traversed thanks to the Voice of Silence. Voice that guided me from a spiritual personality to feeling deeply SPIRIT or Breath of Life

“A work of art is authentic or true not by its content, nor of the ‘pure’ form, but by the content that has become form”  H. Marcuse

Each work has its datasheet, including each creation’s concept or beating heart.

Mya Lurgo, self and soul-portrait

Clothes of San(ct)ity series

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