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What is Art_Sposoring?

Art_Sponsoring is a financial initiative aimed at supporting the living costs of producing a work, a kind of artist adoption. Adopting an artist means supporting and safeguarding free research, throughout the creative act: from the studio, to the drafts up to the finished work presented to the public.

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100 EURO

receive the postcard with the picture of the sketch, autographed.

500 EURO

receive a photographic print of the finished work, autographed.

1000 EURO

receive Digitalart - digital reprocessing of the photograph of the work, one-off pieces, artNFT | smartContract certificate.

1500 EURO

receive 3 sketches, unique pieces, certified artNFT | smartContract.

3000 EURO

receive the lightbox of the work: photography and digital intervention. Unique piece, ArtNFT on request


Sole sponsor. Purchase of the work includes the digital catalogue with critical text. Confidential negotiation.

Current donations

Sponsors are art lovers, friends, collectors, companies, institutions, foundations.

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Unique piece

Series: Out of the Blue_ RESURRECTION

Technique: digital art on triple plexiglass, laser carving, LED in grooves, sound and aroma effect

Concept: Arca Cordis is an interactive work, useful in meditation aimed at the translation of consciousness, from the head to the heart.

The heart should be understood as the central seat, the epicenter of will, thought, feelings, religiosity and the initiatory way.


The work invites an exercise in cardiognosis, proposing different sound sequences to consciously condition one’s respiratory and cardiovascular rhythm. It would be helpful, for the user to best conserve vital prana, to imagine during exhalation one’s breath to be the color white, during the respiratory pause the red, and during inhalation the blue.


Three colors of pulsating lights (LEDs) cadence the progress of the breath.

The olfactory element – rose and violet aroma – and sitting with the back erect in front of the work assist the experience inspired by Notebook No. 49 of the esoteric school of High Archeosophical Initiation by Tommaso Palamidessi.

Arca Cordis was sketched out in 2014.

Now the time is ripe for its realization.

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