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I presented my first performances at the Artville Bistrot d’arte, moda e spettacolo in Lugano in 2003-2004. This experimental project lasted a year before I eclipsed myself and wrote about Acentrism.


Daily, I painted in front of an audience, sometimes even with my body, learning to recognise the energy contributed by those present about my creative intent and the osmotic instant resulting from the contamination.

Regularly engaging in the gestures of action painting in front of a casual audience taught me to stabilise the field around me and to have an ‘attitude’.

Not least, it also exhausted inner discourse.


That silence was awful and lasted long, resulting in a panic of having nothing to say and give.

In this psycho-physical turmoil, I sold works, others I gave away, others I burned, and others were stolen from me.

I did not have the foresight to document the performances of the first acentric phase with photographs or films because I experienced my art therapy with extreme intensity and probably, on an unconscious level, I made a detachment from those canvases…therefore there is a ‘hole’ in my artistic path.

Peace & Amen!


On the other hand, the more recent performances have a completely different flavour, and the atmosphere created by those who actively participate in them is something I will take with me everywhere. The performance B.L.U – Be Like U is an example of this.

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