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Operate in alignment or stand still!

Doing. This constant daily doing… you can even get lost in the doing, but in this doing, you make Soul, day by day.

Everything makes Soul, and yet… we have received no small existential co-ordinate:

– “Love, and do what you will”.

The Love spoken of is not preferential. 

It is a Good that, from the Spirit, reaches the Soul and then the personality. 

It is a Good that descends and extends boundlessly, without interruption, without conditioning.

A Good that, without the Integral Alignment of all our vehicles, cannot occur. 

Subpersonalities make claims and obstruct the free flow of the SPIRIT in the matter that we are through the biological suit.

The only beneficial Doing is the constant alignment of all one’s vehicles, from the most heavenly to the most earthly, allowing SPIRIT to consciously incarnate in the manifest plane.

After that, one can love and do what one wants… the Work is done, and paradoxically, the will to do also changes connotations.


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