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The divine stimulator

Mya Lurgo, Il divino stimolatore aleggia ovunque, testo antico dipinto, acrilico, tela, matite, stilografica. Chiuso: 12x19x3 cm, aperto: 24x19x3 cm. Aranno, 2019

“The divine stimulator
hovers everywhere,
for this
love has already happened
making every
emptiness of nothingness
a full creative potential
since God does not spare himself….
And so it was that
even the last desire
had rest.”

Below are the details of the work “The Divine Stimulator Hovers Everywhere,” an antique text painted in acrylic, canvas, pencils, and fountain pen.
The divine stimulator hovers everywhere is an artist’s book, exhibited at the ADI Design Museum Milan + Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense in Milan.


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