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SENSITIVE IS THE CLEAR LIGHT | 14 – 15 – 16 February at the Elisarion Museum Cultural Centre

Un prisma separa i colori della luce. Immagine di copertina della mostra: SENSIBILE È LA CHIARA LUCE di Mya Lurgo

Among the fallacious semblances–like a thunderbolt

Objective art: Mya Lurgo
Floating configurations: Giovanna Galimberti
InCanto: Nadia Radici

February 14 – 15 – 16, 2020
Elisarion Museum Cultural Center
via Rinaldo Simen 3, CH-6648 Minusio
+41 91 743 66 71

The work, pictorial and luminous, will be performed at the Elisarion Museum. The performance, aimed at groups of 20 people, envelops the viewer in an atmosphere of refined eurythmic movements and expert vocal sonorities, concocted to enchant ordinary perception, so that the artist arouses in you – like a thunderbolt – pure, immediate seeing free from subjective preconceptions.

The peculiarity of execution of the work, lies in keeping, mentally alive and unchanged, the artistic intent or substance for the entire pictorial gesture: thirty-three hours of concentration, divided into four days apt to evade, with a specific téchne, any thought extraneous to the intended content, since the intention in-forms.

During the four days, the performance space will be carefully “impregnated” by carefully performed gestures and sounds to create that quid of atmosphere apt to clarify perception. Such is the challenge of the clear light, to come unanimously, during the performance, to a same, heartfelt feeling.

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