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Suicide and euthanasia

For the #imagoRevolution project, I digitally processed a series of images on the theme of suicide to syncretism in the work XIII Canto II Girone VII Circulo suiciDIO.

Did you know that Wikipedia archives deaths by suicide according to category? Me, no! Considering that the subject is very close to my heart, I would like to see more talk about it. Still, most of all, to get the information not only “Christian” about the unforgivable sin, but the esoteric one, very similar to the pain of the phantom limb, to be clear… here I quote the response of the theosophist Max Heindel, promoter of the Rosicrucian Order of Oceanside:

“When the ego is ready to be reborn, it descends again, through the Second Heaven, where, with the help of the Creator Hierarchies, it will build the new archetype of its future body, instilling in it a new life that will last several years. These archetypes are hollow spaces and have a musical vibratory movement that draws the matter of the Physical World into them, arranging the atoms in the dense body so that they vibrate in unison, with a tiny atom housed in the core, the seed-atom that, like a tuning fork, will give the individual tone to all the matter of the future dense body.

When the life of this physical body has come to its end, the vibrations cease in the archetype, the seed-atom withdraws, the dense body disintegrates, and the desired body, which the ego will use during its sojourn in Purgatory and First Heaven, will take on the appearance of the old dense body. The man then begins his after-life work: the atonement of bad habits in Purgatory and the assimilation, in the First Heaven, of the good he has done during his earthly life.
The preceding describes customary conditions when the order of nature has followed its course, but the case of suicide is different. He will take the seed atom, but the hollow archetype will still vibrate. This is why the person who takes his own life will feel as if hollowed out and experience a feeling of internal spasm, similar to the torments of intense hunger. The matter for building a physical body envelops him from all sides, but lacking the influence of the seed-atom, it is impossible for him to assimilate this matter and, from that, to build a body. This terrible perception of intense emptiness will persist for as long as he lives his ordinary life. Thus, the law of cause and effect will teach him that it is terrible to desert the school of life and that no one can do so with impunity.

In the next existence, when the difficulties of life come his way again, he will remember the sufferings that earned him his suicide and go to the end of the experience, thus fostering the growth of his soul.”

In summary, the malaise does not pass with death by suicide; instead, it lingers as long as one should have lived. A special prayer is needed for those in this condition because they wished for immense skies and love….


To the derelicts of Heaven
I pray that the void may be filled with Light
and with flowery fragrances

To the derelicts of Heaven
I pray that MATER
is no longer adverse to you

To the derelicts of Heaven
I pray that the heart will understand
the Reasons of Justice
And may afford more mercy
than it deserves

So be it


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