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Video of the experiment with biometric expert Daniele Gullà | IMPREGNATION

The experiment with Daniele Gullà* marks, in my artistic research, a further step towards understanding the immaterial and spiritual substance of the work through the effects it produces on the viewer.


The video IMPREGNATION recounts this experiment in detail, comparing the measurements before, during, and after the exhibition of different works.


The contamination between the work and the user is an integral part of this experiment. Making works that can do good is the ‘must’ of my research; not only an aesthetic and economic value, but above all, an ethical one.


In addition to investigating the before-and-after effect, the experiment attempts to monitor possible reactions through the mere imagination of the work: the mental reconstruction of the image seen in the previous hour.


Imagining the work and recalling its psycho-physical effects is a goal that depends mainly on the observer’s aptitude to recreate the vision within himself to the extent that it moves the emotional apparatus and endocrine system.

Studies on the imagination deficit are in their infancy. However, the breadth of this perspective is intuitable.


Expert in biopsycho-cybernetics, forensic biometrics, UV, IR multispectral photography and thermography.
He is known for his environmental, medical, and psychophysiological monitoring spectroscopy.
Collaborator in well-known RAI and Mediaset television programs.

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