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“Persistent information determines form: exercise on the visionary capacity of the heart”

The Lac o Le Mon Foundation, San Cesario di Lecce, Puglia, 2019

The Lac o Le Mon Foundation, a centre for artistic research and experimentation, organised from August 19 to 21, 2019, a series of meetings entitled Aesthetics of the non-perceptible, curated by artist Emilio Fantin, in which I participated in the experiment “Persistent Information determines Form” carried out with artists-in-residence.


The purpose of the experiment (reproduced later in Lugano on Nov. 21, 2019, in a private residency) is to test and develop a method apt to glimpse what is still unknown with closed eyes, thanks to the voluntary expansion of the Field of the Heart.


Below is a summary excerpt of my public talk:


Here with you today, I would like to experiment, looking into the possibility of glimpsing the archetype or energy matrix, which sustains and vivifies form.

It all stems from the intuition that persistent In-Formation determines Form; however, many human beings have yet to become accustomed to understanding or carrying with them, simultaneously, the outer constitution and its immaterial counterpart.


…The Lutheran philosopher, theologian, mystic, and alchemist Jacob Böhme teaches that there is no object in nature, created or generated, that does not also manifest its inner form through its outer image since the inner always tends to manifest itself; thus, power and form enable us to see how the eternal being, giving body to its desire, has displayed itself in an image and how it appears to us under all the different forms, which we can see and recognise: stars and elements, creatures, trees, and plants. Therefore, the signal (the form) contains the most perfect reason.

The experiment investigates the possibility of glimpsing the energy matrix underlying and informing physical form, that is, the Archetype of Form, to understand the word “archetype” in a Platonic way, that is, the substantial essence of sensible things.


The experiment started with a piece of art called One Way, Wu Wei, or action without action, covered by a cloth.

Those present were told only the title of the work and its concept or artistic intent, which was kept stable in the mind throughout

the creative arc.



The work is an apparent duality of forms.

Perceptual deception, mediated by the senses, sullies existence.

One Way, Wu Wei, is a path unmarked by roads or steps, for the Way of Love is all-pervasive.

The Way of Love opens the door to the Rainbow Era, each with its colour but united and integrated into the A-MORS: 

the absence of death.

                  One Way, Wu Wei, Mya Lurgo, 2019, mixed technique on canvas

The experiment continued with the exercise received with meditative writing, an act of glimpse-seeing with the Heart Field:


  1. Please close your eyes and breathe through your heart, expanding it beat by beat, as much as possible, like a vast screen or blank sheet of paper. In this space, could you let the signs suggested by the imagination happen while listening to the re-reading of the work’s intent? Reopen your eyes and sketch on the physical sheet in front of you the first signs glimpsed in the mind’s screen.
  1. Close the eyes again and resume expanding the field of the heart. Observe whether other di-Signs appear. Listen again to the creative intent. Open your eyes and trace the new signs on the paper.
  1. Close your eyes one last time. Dilate the heart through the breath. Now, please look at the shapes created in your field of vision. One last listen to the creative intent to trace the final pre-seen configuration on the paper before you.


Participants did the exercise only once, so “good first!”

Some participants glimpsed the two halves of the canvas; some looked at the dots, and some saw the lines…overall, the fundamental aspects of the work One Way, Wu Wei were identified.

While there may be a predisposition, the potential to enhance our vision, even with closed eyes, through the heart field is within our grasp. It’s a journey of practice and discovery, one that could potentially reveal whether this heart field, in a collective experiment, is a shared ‘dimension’ or a deeply personal experience.

The Lac o Le mon Foundation

The Foundation’s headquarters, Casa Cafausica, where the activities will take place, is a striking large early 20th-century farmhouse of very high building quality, which has remained substantially intact since its construction. The House is surrounded by a large park of about two hectares with tall trees, olive and fruit trees, and is flanked by a hortus conclusus with citrus grove. The House and the park are the ideal sites for the creation of “temporary communities” that can propose cognitive practices and share artistic projects and, at the same time, experiment with forms of life that respond neither to the logic of productivity nor to that of the holiday, neither to efficiency nor to inertia, but which are instead based on the circulation of knowledge, resources, attitudes, and skills.

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