The slides are light operA(c)tions: floating configurations that tell the becoming of matter before it is inFormed and destined to conscious and unconscious human will. In the whole the slides have their focus on the subatomic loom – Existence agglomerated in the space variant – in the moment of its potential creation, ready to become manifested.
An oily and dynamic liquid in between of two glued glass spheres (like slides). Diameter of 7 cm. The glass surface is painted with special colors and glues. Also there might be small bead that help the ending of the “fixed” work. 

The piece is then put into the rotating projector – the world.

The projector’s lights up the oily mixture between the two glasses and this generates the moving and the overlapping of the images, which creates the asymmetrical bubbling in it. The bubbling becomes rapidly more intense for the projector heats up – creation of pathos –. This friction creates symbiosis so that at every release (as with a watch moving) the artwork becomes new and never the same:

One in multitude.

Bye from Seydisfjordur! 🙂

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