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SPIRIT ART is the path I have reached and still feel I am pursuing. Not necessarily intangible or conceptual art, but rather “aligned” creativity in my whole being: physical, emotional, mental, soul/causal, spiritual. Being in connection and coherence.

From this cohesion flows righteousness, well-being, wholeness, and even the “focus” becomes easy, as much as opening up to intuitive grace; no longer a sporadic or stand-alone state, but a modus operandi, arising from knowing how to set oneself up at every existential level. The initial quest has therefore become, over time and with practice, a tèchne.

Before approaching the artistic expression “of the SPIRIT,” I went through in several years, four personal and creative phases, described in my diary or manifesto without circumferences, published by BellatiEditor in 2007.

A-centr-ism is what emerged; not the absence of a central core, but the progressive reset from preconstituted circumferences: false selves, misleading inForms, repetitive patterns.

In fact, I scraped paintings (Phase I) until I returned to the virgin canvas (“Squeegee Paintings, “grattage”) and burned drawings and thoughts until I felt the fragrance and noise of emptiness. I chased vertical alleys and crossed circo-stances before I caught a glimpse of light.

Light is a kind of constant presence, an all-pervasive atmosphere that I have learned to recognize and glimpse between the folds/pleats of matter.

My lightart works (Phase II) are an infinitesimal testimony to this.

The immaterial became perceptible after years. It was necessary to undertake a radical reliance before feeling the ease or rather, the “cor-agio/courage.” Dilating the rooms of the heart, as well as the images of digital art (Phase III) opened up unusual and immaterial ways beyond sensory limits.

The transition between seeing and viewing was, in fact, the establishment of a vibrational bridge powered by the yoga of sexual transmutation.

Phase IV-installations and video-is a kind of retrospection and synthesis necessary for the transition to a higher octave: from the immaterial to the ‘ART OF THE SPIRIT.

Yes, written in all caps, because many minds would inhibit themselves before the word Spirit alone. Theological references are not so relevant and neither are philosophies or esotericisms.

SPIRIT is super partes and extra-ordinary substance in us, that is, outside the usual (short)circuit of personality/mask/interface.

Making this kind of art, has meant acquiring the art of becoming neutral, receptive and osmotic between what we perceive as tangible/material and what is of a more subtle/spiritual order.

Experiencing is no longer so constraining, and stepping out of the cocoon of the natal outfit, existential coordinates and social beliefs instilled without consent, is effective.

SPIRIT ART is an expression of this state of consciousness.


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