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Who benefits?

Artwork is liked or disliked.
It has value or it is not valued, but-when does it do good and when does it hurt the user?

Some time ago I did a test with Dr. Puntaroli with the help of GDV technology – Gas Descharge Visualization, a bioelectrography tool devised by Russian physicist Kostantin Korotkov in 1995, based on the Kirlian machine effect, which allows measuring the energy field in its physical-psychological-emotional-spiritual component. I asked the doctor to test people’s auric field BEFORE AND AFTER exposure to one of my works, in a “habitat” that was not even too appropriate for the thing, a vernissage, but also interesting for that.
On that occasion I had made the installation To them, the laurel received consisting of a revolving halo of light and a fixed paper pinwheel. Without going into the why of these two elements already explained in my book Out of the Blue. Yves Klein’s Immaterial Meets Centering, I asked the participants in the experiment to accept for themselves, without meritocracy but only for “self-love,” a halo of san(T)ity for about 1-2 minutes. Maximum time assumed to prevent “the mind that lies all the time” from sneaking in and saying “…but what are you doing sinner?!!!”, thus reconfirming the configuration, the psycho-physical di-sign of the subject.

In that short period of time, the OFF on the participants’ mental contents allowed the artist’s intent to reach the viewer, “compacting” those disharmonious parts, those voids, present in the energetic egg surrounding the physical body. In sum, it is possible to believe (and experience again and more thoroughly) that exposure to the artwork imprints the viewer by osmosis.

One has to wonder how many images, willingly or unwillingly we are subjected to that, underneath, do us no good.
One has to wonder if the artist is aware of what he creActs when he works.
One has to wonder if the Academies teach the rule “primum non nŏcēre.”
There is the question of why each work is made. To whom does it serve? To whom does it benefit? It cannot be just pouring one’s “monsters” onto the canvas, hoping that someone will buy them out of elective affinity.
It cannot be just the production of what the market demands: yet another thing that generates shock as if we are here to be amazed all the time, drugged with emotion.
You should also know how to stop, as artists, when what you have to say with your creativity does not serve this planet.
I feel this way and that is why I create little, sparingly, and what hurts me, rest assured, I burn without remorse.

What may be “neutral” instead I leave free of my judgments, often stowed away in the archives to gather dust because it is still too “lukewarm” to express its nature. What, however, I really feel is “good and right” for the beholder, interested or not, I expose IN PEACE with the knowledge that one must be more, amplify and evolve to be able to do and give as much and one life is not enough, one must die many times, sometimes several times in a single hour.
R.I.P Mya Lurgo 🙂 🙂


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