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Like circles in the water

Mya Lurgo, Come cerchi nell’acqua, render. Progetto in concorso per Amsterdam Light Art Festival, 2015

“Like circles in water
equidistant and interconnected empathies
expand contaminating themselves
in the name of a unanimity humanity
under the sign of the rainbow.”

The work offers at a glance the correlation between events, unifying the dynamics of intent, cause and effect daily fragmented, deferred and misunderstood to the detriment of mutual understanding.
An overview to be pondered as the foundation of conviviality. The user of the work is an integral part of the project. Ideally he is the one who has the choice to throw the stone, (a symbol of the free will of one’s intentions) the burden of walking the drift of triggered circumstances, (effect) as well as the likelihood of being stone itself (party to the event).
The Enlightening Area, lending itself to be an urban space of reflection and reserved relaxation, invites the passerby to “inhabit one’s time” by secluding oneself from the daily hubbub, thanks to the protective circuit of the circles: an opportunity to gather the energies and thoughts necessary for harmony with oneself.
When the user orders his or her own well-being, simply by breathing, the circles from their apparent role of safeguarding stillness, shift into “sharing and expansion” mode AS CIRCLES IN WATER: a purposeful contamination with the surrounding world.


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