Violence has many forms, often unimaginable because just thinking about it horrifies. Self-censorship is the fear of expressing oneself so as not to trigger new physical, verbal or psychological violence. It is a modus vivendi, a rubber mask, complacent and smiling, that one learns to protect oneself so as not to be judged, pushed away or hurt.
Failure to communicate oneself is a half-living, externalizing only what others accept. The exhibition Being a woman without borders was born from an artistic project to say no to violence and to reaffirm women's right to life, conceived and promoted by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Carrara, with the support of the Women's Project Commission for Equal Opportunity of the Municipality and the adhesion of Centro Antiviolenza Donna Chiama Donna, CIF, Circolo carrarese Amici della Lirica "Mercuriali," Coordinamento per il Palazzo Rosso, Coordinamento Donne UIL, UILP, SPI CGIL, Soroptimist International. Many artists not only from Carrara who accepted the invitation of Culture Councillor Giovanna Bernardini to create an exhibition dedicated to this theme. Such heinous news events have given rise to the need to reaffirm once again a right that might seem taken for granted, women's right to life. In Carrara, a city of art, with a high presence of women artists, this need could only be manifested also through artistic expression. The hope, explained Councillor Bernardini, is to produce widespread awareness and growth of consciousness about the need to bring about civil and democratic dialogue respecting gender differences
These are the artists participating in the initiative: Giovanna Ambrogi, Tatiana Angelotti, Cristina Balsotti, Francesca Bernardini, Belzy Bertagnini, Daniela Bertani, Luciana Bertuccini, Sara Bonucelli, Liuccia Buzzoni, Maria Capellini, Lella Cervia, Hui Chen, Arianna Cordiviola, Elisa Corsini, Giovanna Dell'Amico, Annalisa Dell'Amico, Maria Rita Dolfi, Sabina Feroci, Donatella Gabrielli, Andretta Germiniani, Simona Giannetti, Carla Giglioli, Valentina Gregoric, Giò Guerri, Maria Grazia Guglielmi, Enwan Kulpherk, Anna Landi, Eufemia Lostrangio, Paola Luciani, Mya Lurgo, Holly Manyak, Daniela Marchetti, Ombretta Marchi, Giuseppina Marini, Graziana Masetti, Sonia Menghi, Monica Michelotti, Maki Nakamura, Stefanie Oberneider, Samantha Woods, Chiara Olmi, Teresa Opretti, Elisabetta Papageorgiu, Masha Paunovic, Silvana Pianadei, Patrizia Pianini, Enrica Pizzicori, Aurore Pornin, Sara Saporiti, Daniela Spaggiari, Sofia Talanti, Daria Tansini, Karmen Tonarelli, Men Yixuan, Sara Zunino.
Simona Bragazzi, project coordinator, has collected the many exhibition projects that will be presented to the public in the spaces of the former San Giacomo Hospital, where the exhibition will be open from Thursday, Sept. 8 to Sunday, Sept. 11, from 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The exhibition will remain open until Sept. 30, Thursday through Sunday, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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