Acentric phase IV

"The fourth phase opens the way to works made with pure intention, as there are no further emotional residues in the artist to deflect the intention and contaminate the configuration. Finally, art is an end in itself."

Mya Lurgo, PrimaVera Casa

Mya Lurgo, PrimaVera Casa, NEST | NEXT series, video installation, 2021

PrimaVera Casa - From OM to home
"Petal by petal, one blade of grass at a time, weaving our own destiny.

The soundtrack consists of a motif setting the title of the work 'PrimaVera Casa' to music, played on a loop.

Mya Lurgo, Less than expected

Video made for the exhibition SENSIBLE IS THE CLEAR LIGHT. Among fallacious appearances... like a thunderbolt at the Elisarion Cultural Centre and Museum in Minusio (Switzerland).

Original video: 'Einstein's relativity violated: particles travelling faster than light', © videotvorg

Mya Lurgo, Microcosm Inside

Microcosm Inside, Series Out of the Blue_APOCALYPSE: The Seals, 2018
Director Mya Lurgo
Video Editing Milly Miljkovic and Alessia Ballabio
Sound Maqs Rossi

"Look! We are a microcosm! The Seals enhance the endocrine glands. The column supports the toroid. The heart blossoms in the resonance of Heaven and Earth. The Vital Energy flows, boundless without I and mine. The note SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII accompanies the will to the threshold and the eye of consciousness... in peace, recognises".

Mya Lurgo, The Heart of the Earth

"As high as low": in the earth's core, Heaven reflects its highest intensity, from which emerges a propulsive and life-giving thrust - Vertical Blue - for all creatures.

Mya Lurgo, Fire in the heart of the void

"I am certain that in the heart of man as in the heart of the void there are fires that burn" "In the beginning there is nothing, then a deep nothing, then a blue depth" Yves Klein the painter of the infinite.

Mya Lurgo, Soap Opera

"The Eye of Consciousness animates and safeguards biographies of clockwork bubbles, moved by the mumble-mumble of becoming, until Life returns to Itself, as pre-seen".

Mya Lurgo, Carte Blanche

Carta Bianca is an invitation to free self-expression under the motto "my life is my role model".
When one has achieved contact with one's causal body or Inner Master and is also able to enter into voluntary communication and communion, the possibilities of choice and free will also open up.

Mya Lurgo and Matteo Emery, In statu nascenti

In statu Nascenti was born from the fusion of the video Flusso (2008) by Matteo Emery, and the video Soap Opera (2012) by Mya Lurgo: a fusion that generates that all(-one) which is worth more than the sum of the individual parts. The choice of title refers to the phase of momentary freedom in which an atom finds itself during a chemical reaction. About Flux, Simona Ostinelli writes: "In the beginning there is darkness, then a nucleus, a cell, a flow of blood, the destructive fire and the return to the spherical element. The image, at once sinister and poetic, is in constant movement; an atmospheric sense prevails that envelops all the passages, there is no beginning and no end, because it is impossible to stop the flow. Matteo Emery's idea is to make sense of the succession of things: life and death above all, seen through the birth, death and rebirth of the cell. The succession of things, the nascent state, the becoming is the trait-d'union of the two artists.

Mya Lurgo, Alchemy in action

Technical film of the "Fixed slide" chemical amalgam in the progressive crystallisation phase

Mya Lurgo, Like this (A)sea

The work develops against a precise background: the light of the lighthouse in the "Fixed Light" phase, a symbol of Presence without eclipse, without intermittence, where fixity becomes truth between the more or less straight lines of existence. Truth that is unshakably solid and for this very reason the guarantor of things and people. The artist's voice whispers its own litany: "Stay as still as this (a)sea...". A hymn to existing and resisting within the canons of free will set by existence, which does not contemplate overflowing from itself, because Life cannot be bypassed, it touches us everywhere and in any case. We are desti_nated to be, learning its merits among the folds and wounds of our vices. "Remain as still as this (a)sea, though the salt cannot hurt us..." This is not about blind belief. It is about affinity. It is about entering into cohesion with Life, without collision, without imposing one's own selfish yoke of reasonable, if ignorant, eloquence. "...Remain motionless as this (a)sea, which advances slowly and impetuously rises..." Constant growth/evolution/revolution/resurrection/moto and liberating and expansive motto: "Eli, Eli, lama azobothami / My God, my God, how you have glorified me!" and not "Eli, Eli, lama sabactàni / My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" "Remain motionless like this (a)sea..." 

Mya Lurgo, Global melt between the lines

#ClimateRemoteControll focuses on the lost rhythm of the seasons: periods within which man has always marked time, habits, activities and evolution. The climate determines a nation's well-being and malaise, but climate interpolation can divert this destiny and does not hesitate to impose its own frequency. The consequences of this interference are not publicised, but con-fused between the lines, in spite of a humanity unable to imagine the action of a phenomenon so powerful that it alters the harmony, order, norm and logic of Nature, already mortified by the animal-man. Someone, behind the scenes of a politics without democracy, has taken it upon themselves to decide how, where and when to obscure the Sun (Christ's symbol), challenging its intrinsic power of life for interests unknown to the multitude; nevertheless, the Sky is not stained with clouds and the children of light shine with inner sunshine.

Mya Lurgo, I (A)come down here, the Flowering of the Lotus Heart

Out of the Blue_BLOOMING: Io (A)scendo qui, la Fioritura del Cuore di Loto (2014), originates from a self-timer of Mya Lurgo's body hit by the light of a glass. This photograph, further processed digitally, is crossed by a "video-transition" (18 seconds), generating a ring that becomes a bubble until it bursts into a very white flash, and then settles down into a black emptiness (18 seconds). The work develops as a synergy between the anthroposophical concepts relating to the Resurrection Body and the Hindu myths evoking the Breathing of Life, in which it is stated that at birth, with the first breath, the human being synchronises with the cosmic cycles, taking an average of 18 breaths per minute, equal to 25'920 breaths in 24 hours; this same number evokes the years needed by the sun to travel through all the space of the zodiac and return to the same point, on the day of the spring equinox; 25. 920 years represent a cosmic year.920 years represents one cosmic year, just as 25,920 breaths constitute one day of human life.

Mya Lurgo, When I saw the flower

Quando vidi il Fiore (When I saw the Flower, 2014), the video is composed of a fixed digital image - the essence of the flower - on which the daily becoming blossoms, like an uninterrupted succession of blooms. It is precisely this continuum that transforms an ordinary flower, so fragile in its presence, into the Ideal Flower, the archetype of all flowers, capable of being Nature and no longer just a single expression of itself. The uninterrupted blossoming evokes the cycle of life, the samsara: incarnation and reincarnation up to the final blossoming/resurrection, worthy epilogue of every evolution/revolution...

Mya Lurgo, R.E.T.E: eternal fabric evocation

R.E.T.E: rievocazione eterno tessuto etereo was created in 2009 on the occasion of the exhibition E®go Iperbolico, curated by Luciano Ghersi, where the central theme concerned fabric used as a symbolic device to undertake a journey through the social, cultural and spiritual habitat in which man is woven. In the video there are digital images integrated with filmed sequences in which we see hands crocheting blades of grass and flashes of rainbow. The image evokes the extra-ordinary, alchemical work necessary to create light from matter. This alchemy symbolises the Arcanum A.Z.F or the transmutation of spermatic material (male and female) into light/energy rather than ejaculation/orgasm.

Mya Lurgo

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