Net works on you!

NETWORK projects are intangible operations, but no less real.



#ThankUturn is born in 2015 and for years has been a daily commitment to spreading the word THANK YOU on Facebook, to enhance the very need to "give back grace", to bring recognition, to enhance and encourage all that is pro-positive in the general disregard of small and big things.

The artist's aim is to create a THOUGHT FORM OF GRATITUDE to counteract what in the world increasingly looks like a 'glass half empty'.


#imagoRevolution is the continuation of the intangible project ThankUturn.
Its aim is to neutralise the impulsive and collective pathos inevitably aroused in each of us by all those crude images made public by multiple media channels: TV, social networks, internet and magazines, online and in print. We all know that the impact of a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is in this emotional overdose that we recognise we are bombarded and addicted to depictions that are rarely uplifting or joyful. A horror vacui of violent figures that arouse negative imaginations globally, allowing a viral cocktail of fear, resentment, frustration, impotence, guilt and resignation to spread with the click of a button.

imagoRevolution proposes a real re-belling: a return to the beautiful, the good and the just, instead of a mute resignation or a meditated revenge, because the instrument of good can only act the good for all the people involved. The con-Vocation is open to responsible artists: capable of responding with conscience, transforming not the fact that has happened but the energy that invests it, in virtue of the statement: "nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed ."


For years, I have been dedicating part of my projects to immaterial initiatives - the creation of thought forms and eggregore - such as #ThankUturn and #imagoRevolution.
This cycle concludes with the group LALA LAND 🎼 created to give dimension to the song of the soul: those 'few essential things' into which to pour oneself for pure pleasure.

Mya Lurgo

c/o Nellimya Arthouse
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