"Between what I think, what I want to say, what I think it is, what I say, what you wish to understand, what you mean, what you understand ... there are ten possibilities that there are difficulties in communication. But let's try anyway" (Bernard Werber)

HABIT ®action: rationing yourself to communicate

Communication literally means "pooling," not so much material goods as messages expressing intentions, feelings, thoughts, sentiments or information.

The "issuer-receiver-reverse" cycle of communication is a delicate relationship that should not be underestimated; indeed, one must listen and hear oneself with hyperlucid observation to acquire the art of knowing oneself, but above all, it is incumbent to juggle cautiously in the rivers of words, dosing the surges of reactivity and blather.

"I like those who carefully choose words not to say" (Alda Merini).

Communication is "not just" what we say to ourselves and others, perhaps with the rule of the five Cs: clarity, completeness, conciseness, concreteness, correctness, but what others perceive with their interpretation, most often conditioned by the volume and tone of voice, as well as facial and bodily expressions, not to list the myriad of influences to which we are mutually subjected, as well as the beliefs that have convinced us.
To be free to be and to convey "this beingness" seems utopian, and to land a message, as one has thought of it, is a very difficult task.
Being misunderstood and feeling misunderstood, two very distinct things, are the evil of the century.
Understanding, it should be specified, is not synonymous with "accepting." Understanding is synonymous with understanding, and grasping the meaning does not include, by implication, agreeing, "I understand you ≠ I agree with you." Also not (free will).
Premised on this:

"Communication occurs when, in addition to the message, a soul supplement passes through" (Henri Bergson)

The designs being developed for the HABIT ®action series are messages designed to be worn. The dress itself, as an object of clothing, is to be defined. The concept, however, is there: clothing becomes habitat, custom, habit, habit in English.
The daily ®ation (ration) is the "soul dose" that one is willing to incorporate, wear, live in the sunlight, a kind of public enunciation in the guise of the person's "coordinates of use" or ongoing alchemical process (each person has his or her own inner evolutionary boils...).
We are delicate and constantly developing. Life stimulates us in all aspects, and despite the looming 3.0 technology, we still find it difficult to say yes that it is yes and no that it is no, without regret or remorse.
Several times over the years I've found myself thinking, "I'm going to write this on my shirt so you know how to adjust/rationalize." In my experience, when an idea comes up again and again you need to give it space. This series wants to give space to the soul. Out on the dress, where everyone can finally see it.

The HABIT®action series evolves and complements the ongoing series Clothes of san(T)ity - Soul portrait. Re-processed physiognomies.
The series is a work in progress.

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