Out of the Blue
Yves Klein's Immaterial meets acentrism

This anthology volume contains Mya Lurgo's entire artistic research, which is constantly updated.
The ebook also progressively includes ongoing research.


Since 1995

Phase I of acentrism arises from the need to cleanse, to break down the connotations that determine personality and to resolve the emotional "SOSpeso", by breaking down (acentralising) the forma mentis. How? By observing the comings and goings of one's thoughts. Why? Because thought creates. What does? Our perception of reality. The hyper-polished observation of one's mental states allows one to keep only what is convenient to think, according to what one still intends to experience in daily life. The rest must be discarded. Not thought about, not evoked.


Since 2004

Following Phase I (mental cleansing of the artist and material of the work), the artist develops the ability to grasp the supersensible presence between the lines of the material.
Here, entering into subtle causes becomes the order of the day and light becomes not only a means of expression for art, but also a metaphysical referent. In this Phase II the first significant step towards theImmaterialis taken.
Daily exercises train the eye to glimpse in order to optimise the ability to grasp the invisible in what is visible and vice versa. Phase II puts all its focus on the Light that animates Phase II places all its interest on the intra-worlds, although this investigation is always in the making and on the emergence of circumstances; this very happening-fall into matter is the starting point of the series Painted Light Slides.


Since 2006

Phase III is the encounter with the Immaterial through the virtuality of digital art. This medium makes it possible to create and transmit etheric works: visible but not really tangible.
In Phase III of acentrism, five series have been created and developed over time in this order: Ascending Stargates, Clockwork Bubbles, Robes of San(T)ity, Body of Light e Tantric Pollutions.


Since 2011

Phase IV has so far presented the following series of works, which are still in progress: Prophecies of Becoming, Installations, Video Art, Written Painting and Art and Architecture.
In Phase IV, acentric art becomes crystalline because it aims to create works that are objectively perceived and intuited. Communication with the viewer here is important for the sake of being together through the work. This objective creation comes from training to perpetuate the state of grace that allows the essence to operate, without distortions by the unconscious characters that animate our mental-emotional films, stealing the scene.

Out of the Blue

Since 2011

The four phases of acentrism are "ecological and ritual instruments" that forge the artist, even before the work, in order to initiate him into the Immaterial and allow him to go beyond the traditional concept of intuition, understood as a sporadic state of "superior grace", captured not by his own will or desire, but by momentary elective affinity. The processes set in motion by the four acentric phases allow the artist to implement the connection with the Immaterial to the point of direct, conscious and uninterrupted communion: a perpetual state of grace Out of the Blue.

Mya Lurgo

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