Sacred Fire Seminar

L'ART OF THE SPIRIT takes place when the artist makes space within himself: the more space there is, the less there is clutter of personality, therefore in the creAtion will emerge the expression of the Real Being: the I Am not conditioned by one's own experience. The expressive medium is the vessel that You can become, learning to receive the copious Creative Flow, acquiring the art of contacting and raising the sacred Fire.

Interview: Mya Lurgo and objective art

Edited by. Yog | Your own guide

Along this interview with artist Mya Lurgo we will try to make some reflections on the way contemporary art is conceived with the purpose of introducing a topic: that of objective art. The term objective art refers to a form of art that is capable of having an effect on the user that is independent of his or her subjectivity, psychology or culture of origin (an objective effect indeed).
Thanks to the account of the performance Sensitive is the Clear Light, how it was born, how it was organized and what measurable results it produced, we can attempt to retrace, stage by stage, the creation of a moment of objective art. The intent is to leave open many questions, including the main ones; is it possible to create a work-perhaps abstract-with a clear and unambiguous message? Or again, can a vision free from all our conditioning be realized?

When I saw the flower

The video When I saw the flower was made by Mya Lurgo in 2013. Also by the artist is the background music track that accompanies podcasts on theART OF THE SPIRIT. The following is a quote by Eckhart Tolle from A New World, 2005

☛ Study materials around performance.

Sensitive is the clear light | February 14 - 15 - 16 | Elisarion Museum Cultural Center

The project was born from the encounter with the movement art of Giovanna Galimberti and the acentric impulse of Mya Lurgo, both cohesive and fascinated by the possibility of developing a modus operandi, capable of leading the audience to a neutral, objective perception, freed from the grid of the past, optical delirium and the attractive-repulsive-indifferent yoke.


Invitation to performance | February 14 - 15 - 16 | Elisarion Museum Cultural Center

The work exhibited during the performance will be created by Mya Lurgo over four days at the Elisarion Museum in Minusio, keeping the artistic intent alive and unchanged for thirty-three hours. The performance will take place in the atmosphere generated by the Fluctuating Configuration by Giovanna Galimberti and by theinCanto by Nadia Radici, vocalist.

SENSIBLE IS THE CLEAR LIGHT | Elisarion Museum Cultural Center

The project SENSIBLE IS THE CLEAR LIGHT. Among fallacious parvences... like a thunderbolt, will be presented at the Elisarion Cultural Center Museum through performances on three days: Feb. 14, 15 and 16, 2020. The performace was born from the encounter with Giovanna Galimberti's art of movement, Mya Lurgo 's acentric impulse and Nadia Radici's hypnotic singing. The three protagonists are cohesive and fascinated by the possibility of developing a modus operandi that can lead the audience to a neutral perception, freed from the grid of the past, optical delirium and the attractive-repulsive-indifferent yoke.


The divine stimulator hovers everywhere

"The divine stimulator hovers everywhere, so love has already happened making every void of nothing
a full creative potential since God does not spare himself... And so it was that even the last desire had requital."

Lac o Le Mon Foundation | Summer 2019

The Lac o Le Mon Foundation, a center for artistic research and experimentation, once again opens its doors this year to welcome sharing of knowledge and experiences: times and desires, foods and practices, thoughts and places. The series of meetings entitled Aesthetics of the Imperceptible is curated by Emilio Fantin, who after the 2017 experiences on the relationship between reason and intuition and 2018 on the theme of listening, continues the investigation of aesthetic forms of the third millennium.
From August 19 to 21 I will also be invited to narrate my path of study and experimentation on objective art, and in these encounters I will realize the performance Persistent inForms determines form.

Details - #thankUturn

For more than three years with the project #ThankUturn I cultivate details to be grateful for.It seems impossible, but the more I observe, the more I discover. This planet is not as grounded as one might believe. ❤🌹❤
I still wish for this #ThankUturn attitude to go viral, so simple is the thing.I still wish for the #ThankUturn focus on valuable gestures to take over, bringing new light to the areas still in shadow.This is not my job, it is not my pastime, it is a watchful eye, of conscience, that unstoppably INTRAVED, amplifying the boomerang effect. Effect that affects not only me, but the entirety that we are in the name of humanity.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2018

OFF? is an installation composed of a home-structure in glass and aluminum, in which a 100 cm x 100 cm x 1.4 cm lightbox conceived for Amsterdam Light Festival has been set up. The habitat is the container for the artistic experience. The glass structure allows the people inside to be observed. The environment is equipped with motion sensors and a time connected to the lighting and to the lightbox. As the visitors enter one at a time, the habitat, in just a few, timed seconds, switches from on to of, creating the discomfort of darkness, after which the lightbox with the writing OFF? switches on.

1st Class Artery

1st CLASS ARTERY is probably the world's smallest traveling art gallery, the brainchild of artist Mya Lurgo and developed on behalf of NELLIMYA ARTHOUSE. The container is actually a travel trunk from the early 1900s that belonged to a submarine captain residing in Liguria, Italy. Recent restoration has made it ideal for site-specific traveling exhibition projects "trunk-sized": open 105×31x105.5 cm and closed 62×52.5×105.5.
Naturalia, Mirabilia and Artificialia, or rarities, preciousnesses and oddities of nature, or artifacts made by man, made up the rich collections of scholars, scientists and princes who, starting in the 1500s, in Italy and in the Germanic area, began to collect pieces of various origins and provenance, to be placed in veritable rooms of wonders. The Wunderkammer, precisely, encyclopedic collections that brought together science, nature and art.

Out of the Blue (2nd edition)

Out of the Blue is an English expression commonly used to express an unexpected event, something that from one second to the next has occurred without warning. In the case of this book, which borrows the mentioned idiom to compose its title, the meaning is to be understood double; alongside the classic definition the author takes on another one, translating the saying literally: out of the blue.
The artist Mya Lurgo, writes this book to tell the story of her human and artistic story lived in the two decades dedicated to the practice of acentrism. Acentrism: from ego dream to divine reality. Manifesto of art and spirituality without circumferences is, in fact, the title of the book published in 2007 by Bellati Editore, Mya Lurgo's first publication on the basic themes triggering her art.

Suicide and euthanasia

For the #imagoRevolution project, I digitally processed a series of images on the theme of suicide to syncretism in the work XIII Canto II Girone VII Circulo suiciDIO. Did you know that Wikipedia archives deaths by suicide according to category? Me, no!
Since the topic is very close to my heart, I would like to see more talk about it, but most of all, I would like to see the information come not only "Christian" about the unpardonable sin but the esoteric one, much like the pain of the phantom limb, to put it...

Risen and boundless

The research on the borderline theme, developed under the aegis of "mOrth and resOrth from the Garden of abOrth" for the Out of the Blue_BLOOMING series, is resulting in a succession of works not foreseen as wide-ranging, but certainly welcome. The eye of conscience is alert to all signs, and the anagogic writing on The Golden Book volumes continues apace, bringing teaching and light on the subtler aspects, such as the dark side.


Mya Lurgo's work #LetterToClaraMaffei | 20.10.1876 is meant to be a tribute to Giuseppe Verdi, but also a glimpse between what has lost its custom: correspondence. The ethical, aesthetic and philosophical communication. The direct and sincere exchange between artist and viewer, in the absence of mediators and interpreters of the artist's thought. The choice to make the work a letter accessible and readable in transparency, is not voyeurism, but a desire to extend this possibility of relationship to all, all those who love art and would like to be touched and uplifted by it.
Therefore, it is no longer an elite, confidential dialogue between "the artist and countess," as in this case, but a free telling of the story, because the work-the thing given to the public-is not separated from being an artist and being an artist in that specific way and expressed between the lines, black on white.


T. A.P.P.O | Withholding Love Promotes Potentiality Everywhere is a work-thalisman, from the Greek telesmena "consecrated thing," designed with the intention of making conceptually accessible the seal suitable for recognizing and grounding the prerequisites essential to survival as well as to full life. Wearing it, touching it and feeling it present urges knowledge of the real self - our nature - the one set aside to be (r)welcomed, loved, cared for.

Acca Atelier 2016

Acca Atelier is the ACCA association's annual event dedicated to artists and their ateliers; group exhibition, conference, open studios to visit throughout the city center and, as guests, international artists to meet. In 2013, the founders of the ACCA association were hosted by theAssociation Chateau de Servière in Marseille to participate in the 15th edition of Ouverture d'Ateliers d'Artiste, an initiative that involved more than 50 studios and 300 French, Italian and Portuguese artists invited to exhibit their works in local ateliers. From this engaging experience in Marseille arose the desire to start a project of networking and cultural exchange in a European dimension in Turin as well.

Fear of self-censorship

Violence has many forms, often unimaginable because just thinking about it horrifies. Self-censorship is the fear of expressing oneself so as not to trigger new physical, verbal or psychological violence. It is a modus vivendi, a rubber mask, complacent and smiling, that one learns to protect oneself so as not to be judged, pushed away or hurt. Failure to communicate oneself is a half-living, externalizing only what others accept.

Inside Light

This series of work, which is still in process, is dedicated to unaborted children, those whose birth, however, was the subject of discussion, doubt, second thoughts and fears. Souls arrived early and unexpected. Lives in SOSweight confined to a stressful, threatening and un-nurturing intrauterine environment. "Borderline" - borderline souls - (almost) victims of women's right to emancipation who, while managing to come into the world, brood within themselves in their own becoming, uneasy existential coordinates, developing an extra-ordinary modus vivendi, Borderline Personality Disorder.


Communication literally means "pooling," not so much material goods as messages expressing intentions, feelings, thoughts, sentiments or information. The "issuer-receiver-reverse" cycle of communication is a delicate relationship that should not be underestimated; indeed, it is necessary to listen and hear oneself with hyperlucid observation to acquire the art of knowing oneself, but above all, it is incumbent to juggle cautiously in the rivers of words, dosing the surges of reactivity and blather.

Abortion garden I

I love life passionately, you know what I mean? I am convinced that life is beautiful even when it is ugly, that being born is the miracle of miracles, living: the gift of gifts. Even if it is a very complicated gift, very tiring, sometimes painful. (Oriana Fallaci, Letter to an unborn child)

Sacred Art Portfolio

"Who can tell where the air ends and Heaven begins?" Art is sacred when it can make itself a vehicle of the Immaterial and when it can religàre - hold together - without centralizing isms the multiple languages of religions, philosophies, mysticisms and sciences.

Like circles in the water

The work (competition project for Amsterdam Light Art Festival, 2015) offers at a glance the correlation between events, unifying the dynamics of intent, cause and effect daily fragmented, deferred and misunderstood to the detriment of mutual understanding. An overview to be pondered as the foundation of conviviality. The user of the work is an integral part of the project. Ideally he is the one who has the choice to throw the stone, (a symbol of the free will of one's intentions) the burden of walking the drift of triggered circumstances, (effect) as well as the likelihood of being stone itself (party to the cause). Lending itself to be an urban space of reflection and reserved relaxation, theEnlightening Area invites passersby to "inhabit their time" by secluding themselves from the daily hubbub, thanks to the protective circuit of the circles: an opportunity to gather the energies and thoughts necessary for harmony with oneself.

Who does it benefit?

Artwork is liked or disliked. It has value or it is not valued, but-when does it do good and when does it hurt the user? Some time ago I did a test with Dr. Puntaroli with the help of GDV technology - Gas Descharge Visualization, a bioelectrography tool devised by Russian physicist Kostantin Korotkov in 1995, based on the Kirlian machine effect, which allows measuring the energy field in its physical-psychological-emotional-spiritual component. I asked the doctor to test people's auric field BEFORE AND AFTER exposure to one of my works, in a "habitat" that was not even too appropriate for the thing, a vernissage, but also interesting for that.

So be it

TV - television / tell a vision - transmits images, pilots and globally disseminates 1 view of reality. The daily collective believing and trusting validates the media version, augmenting the effect through the energy injected into one's will to judge. The energetic quid, while burdening the history of individuals, maintains its contamination in the collective unconscious as the soul of humanity.
The Prophecies of Becoming are operations between the lines of appearance, in the sense that they transfigure sensory perception with the aim of neutralizing social pathos - the cause of further malaise - in order to collapse a probability super partes: valid beyond human logic and reason. To consider the Prophecies of Becoming works of art is reductive to the service the artist intends to offer.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

I will cherish your garden is the work conceived by Mya Lurgo and Luciano Maciotta for the Amsterdam Light Festival, 2016 edition. The contents of the work - an open hand like a floating oasis, lights flickering like fireflies, fingers outstretched in luminous beams unfolded like branches, heart lines lit and eyes awake - are homage to the Spirit of the Earth, whose Nature and beauty we should all respectfully care for. The garden is our planet. No one has to pollute it, not even the artist. As welcome guests we need to pay attention to our step/passage so that it is harmless, in harmony and balance with what has gone before us since time immemorial. Being EcoLogical does not mean anything. It is not a matter of logic, but of heart: "having a heart to cherish. " Even today, learning humanity is everything, perhaps meditating as in the well-known Zen "Karesansui" gardens: a minimalist symbol of the essential cultivation of the soul ... in memory of Eden?

List í Ljósi Festival 2016

The slides are light operA(c)tions: floating configurations that tell the becoming of matter before it is inFormed and destined to conscious and unconscious human will. In the whole the slides have their focus on the subatomic loom - Existence agglomerated in the space variant - in the moment of its potential creation, ready to become manifested. An oily and dynamic liquid in between of two glued glass spheres (like slides). Diameter of 7 cm. The glass surface is painted with special colors and glues. Also there might be small bead that help the ending of the "fixed" work.

Out of the Blue

Twenty years of artistic and spiritual research: Out of the Blue. Yves Klein's immaterial meets acentrism. 
The Mya first anthology 🙂

Global melt between the lines

The video project Global melt between the lines #ClimateRemoteControl focuses on the lost rhythm of the seasons: periods within which humans have always marked time, habits, activities and evolution. Climate determines the well-being and malaise of a nation, but climate interpolation can deflect this destiny and does not hesitate to impose its own frequency.
The consequences of such interference are not publicized, but rather con-fused between the lines, in spite of a humanity unable to imagine the action of a phenomenon so mighty as to alter the harmony, order, norm and logic of Nature, already mortified by the animal-man. Someone, behind the scenes of a politics without democracy, has taken it upon himself to decide how, where and when to darken the Sun, defying its intrinsic life force for interests unknown to the multitude, nevertheless, the Sky is not stained with clouds and the children of light shine with inner sunshine: the merger is accomplished.

E.X.P.O: Emancipating X Pranic Opportunity

An opportunity to exalt one's essentiality and identify the dynamics involved in abstaining from food. Not a diet, but a sacred office: a conscious choice to recognize and evolve one's appetites. This intangible project, counter-current to the McDonald's fast food philosophy - Expo sponsor - wishes to reduce food addiction: calamities such as famine. Prana, also known as Ki or pneuma, is the vigor and vitality we draw from air and sunlight through breathing.
Foods essential for maintaining a healthy and robust constitution are rich in prana, have vibrations above 6500 Amstrong, as indicated by French researcher Eng. André Simoneton (André Simoneton, Radiations des Aliments, Le Courrier de Livres, Paris). "Our daily bread" is the pranic supply absorbed by the body, certainly not GMO foods or junk foods altered by boiling, frying and micro-wave-cooking.

Mya Lurgo

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