Mya Lurgo was born in Bordighera, Italy on May 30th 1971 and has been working as an artist in Switzerland for over twenty years.
Her ongoing research into acentrism and acentric art has led to the development of her own vision and creative version, presented in her book - Out of the Blue, l’Immateriale di Yves Klein incontra l’acentrismo - deposited at the Swiss National Library. The term a-centr-ism means the absence of both a central core and centralizing "isms" (where the suffix "isms" stands for "classification" or "binning"). Acentrism and the resulting acentric art progressively reduce the burden of the artist’s egocentric, selfish or egotistical traits, giving way to creation, in the form of a real, authentic act free from the constraints of acquired baggage or psychological issues. The artist learns and prepares to make her life a neutral vehicle ready to connect, align and stabilize herself without centre or boundaries. This interpretation – the return to sender – portrays a conscious, total and unconditional image of herself: Mya Lurgo’s opening words are "I dedicate everything to the Immaterial".
The Immaterial of Yves Klein and translation of the spiritual into art led to the creation of an art divided into four specific, acentric phases. Phases in which the artist hones both their inner self and their artwork.
This deductive process starts with Phase I (Paintings from 1996), grattage of the artwork back to the virgin canvas and conceptually, the elimination of any predefined notions not scrutinised by the eye of conscience. Years of working on herself, during which time the works of art and the artist herself lose their egoic consistency in favour of essential emptiness.
In Phase II (Light Art from 2004) when the surplus is removed, the space created fills with light, flashes of awareness that lead to imaginings between the lines of matter to produce works of light, the Vetrini, in which everything revolves around impermanence and the apparent solidity of existence.
Phase III (Digital Art from 2006) is the encounter with the Immaterial through the virtuality of digital art. This medium makes it possible to create and transmit etheric works: visible but not really tangible.
Phase IV (Video-installation from 2011), expresses "objectivity" according to the teachings of Gurdjieff. The artwork acquires characteristics capable of producing the same feeling in the viewer every time, as if the creativity expressed is a medium able to offer a precise emotional note. Through her work, the artist offers a premeditated service designed to accompany the viewer into a specific imaginary habitat and not a free interpretation, distorted and disconnected from the creative input. The four acentric phases are a modus operandi designed to free the creative process from the limits of the artistic personality.
Subsequent artwork included in the series Out of the blue_ (from 2013) express the syncretism of the four phases in a technical manner, working on a broad range of spiritual and esoteric topics to amplify the concept of sacred art and stimulate new thinking, so that believing may be an empathic effect and not a dogma (proposition accepted as absolutely true and therefore not subject to discussion).



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